I hate that I love it – Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review

Two months ago, I wanted a change from the monotonous look of the iPhone I was using. Although the iPhone 6S Plus did whatever it did very well, I wanted to see what Samsung had to offer since the arrival of the S6 and Note5 lineup along with the new design and UI upgrades. So, I went ahead and got myself a Samsung S7 Edge. I … Continue reading I hate that I love it – Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review

Plantronics Backbeat Sense vs Backbeat Pro

I think a few posts ago, I was telling you how happy I was with the Plantronics BackBeat PRO. If you want to know more on that click here. To understand this post better you could read the review of the PRO because the SENSE is pretty much the PRO just that it got a whole lot smaller. If you want almost everything that the … Continue reading Plantronics Backbeat Sense vs Backbeat Pro

Wounding Words and Broken Hearts

Heartache is unavoidable in our glorious lives. Although this term “heartache” has been used loosely for lovers, we tend to forget the greatest of the fallen heroes in this battle; friends, parents, family. We don’t associate a heartache with them because the pain we feel when someone like your best friend moves away to another country where you don’t know when you will see them next … Continue reading Wounding Words and Broken Hearts

Plantronics Backbeat Pro- Review 

Wireless headsets are the future, no doubts to that. I have been lucky to have jumped on the train headed there a few years ago. I started this journey when I picked up my first Plantronics Voyager Legend, something that changed what I needed from a mono-ear Bluetooth earphone for work. I had used quite a few Bluetooth earphones but most of them were Mono-ear … Continue reading Plantronics Backbeat Pro- Review 

An Eternity to live for..

The concept of immortality has always been a fascinating concept that has been touched and tickled in our minds through God, angels, demons, vampires etc. people have used it over and over again. Don’t worry, this is not a review of the story of the shiny vampire (twilight series). I wondered how it would have been going through different times in our history. What it … Continue reading An Eternity to live for..

“Broken”- a paradox.

Originally posted on Breathing Now. Writing Now.:
Watch a glass break and shatter. Why is that a minus`? Ever think that the broken are  beautiful pieces…?Strikingly stronger….subtly bolder ..even after…especially after rather, being crushed into smithereens! ‘Cuz what’s never been broken always stands the risk of the same. But what’s broken cannot further be broken again. It can only rise up and dust off the powdered glass ashes into a breathtaking mosaic… Continue reading “Broken”- a paradox.

Bird with brains – Jaybirds X2 review

Don’t you love listening to the Birds chirping in the air, the wind rushing through your hair while you take a long stroll? The excitement hearing others whoosh past you on their cycles or the pounding of their feet on the floor as it crushes the sand beneath. Don’t you love that feeling? Well, I DON’T. So I decided, what better way to enjoy a … Continue reading Bird with brains – Jaybirds X2 review