From the foot of the mountain

Each journey, each battle starts at the foot of the mountain you wish to conquer. Each step on the terrain might seem difficult than the previous, but know that the mountain doesn’t feel bad for you, it isn’t going to make the journey easier. But what you can do to make this easier on yourself is to understand that this isn’t a journey you will ever need to take again because if you did it once it’s going to come easier next time around.

Make memories in each milestone, take a moment and see how far you have come, regardless of how little you feel it is. It will still be more than you have done before. Destiny beckons greatness and greatness destiny. We may come across tragedies, sadness, failures but if you spend all your time looking out for the pot holes on a road or the nail in your tire, you are not going to travel far. You need to hit those pot holes sometimes to see what you have been missing on the road. But know this;  somewhere along the way you will find a smiling face, a joyous gesture or even a beautiful soul. This is what makes the journey so much more exciting, with each new one you discover something new, someone new in yourself. Be open to that change and before you know from the top of mountain not only does the valley beneath look different but you become different looking down at it.

Think of today’s success, think of what you accomplished today, think of that 30 minutes cardio you did today, that 20 min studying you put in today that 10 minutes of instrument practice you put in. For now don’t think why aren’t you ripped as a bodybuilder or smart has a scientist or as musically inclined as Beethoven. Think about now, think of only that moment in time that you do it and find happiness in that moment of sweat after the cardio or the world you are a part of in that 10 minute with a book you read or that smooth rhythm that you’re able to play over and over again.

The great beauty of living this life is knowing that no matter how much you know; there is always more to know. You may or may not enjoy the top of the mountain, but learning to enjoy the foot of that mountain before you reach the pinnacle of it matters equally, don’t miss out on that view at the bottom because all you’re  thinking of is of a place you haven’t reached yet.

If you’re getting over a break up or dealing with a loss or hoping to learn something new, remember that there are people and places between where you are and where you want to reach. Don’t lose those people by spending all your energy on your problem and your goal, know that they want what’s best for you as well; cherish them. Take a moment to talk to them, grab a coffee with them, talk about their happy moments and be proud that they wish to share those with you.

And before you know it the view will change dramatically from the top and you will be climbing a new mountain. Make the journey more memorable than the destination. 

Thanks for reading! Cheers!


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