iPhone 7 Plus- Small changes makes a big difference?

Yup, I went and got myself an iPhone 7 Plus. If you have been following my blog (Thank you), then you would know that I was using the Huawei Mate 9. If you want to check my review on that, click here. I did enjoy my experience with the Mate 9 but some of the flaws couldn’t be overlooked over time. So, I came back to my safest bet, the iPhone. Yes, you might think I am an apple fanboy, I might be; but looking at all the phones I have used; for me it works just well.


To be honest, I have gotten bored with how the iPhone is designed. It is very outdated in almost every way. But the robust OS is a deciding factor for me. So let me get into the why I think the phone is good improvement from its predecessor the iPhone 6S and why it isn’t.


  1. Display: The iPhone 7 Plus has a wider color gamut compared to the 6S, it makes the display a little more brighter (25%) than the 6S. This is noticeable in sunlight when the phones are kept next to each other.
  2. Color: The Matte Black is the one I picked because I think the color is great and I hope they make it the same color on the iPads and Macbooks because the Matte Black is totally badass.
  3. Water Resistance: Finally, Apple has made the iPhone, water resistant i.e IP 67 (IP- International Protection, 6- Protected from dust, 7- Protected against the effects of immersion in water to depth between 15 cm and 1 meter) so it can take a few splashes or you can use it with wet hands but don’t dunk it in the pool for too long and expect it to survive. While the rest of the high end phones in the market have reached IP68, it is good to see Apple is getting somewhere.
  4. Camera: The camera is great. It takes great low light shots and regular shots, well this is something iPhone has been doing for a long time, this is no different. The dual camera set up is interesting and it provides a change from the regular photos, creating a depth sensing photography. I really enjoyed it on the Huawei Mate 9  because of its ease of usage of it. The iPhone could learn a thing or two about that since you cant edit the depth chosen after the photo has been taken.
  5. Home Button:  This was a very welcomed change to me. It took a little getting used to in the beginning to set it to how much of haptic feedback you want. But once you have set that then the button feels exactly like a real button. This could have been the one thing I have been showing most of my tech buddies, you can try this too: Press the home button while its switched on. Then turn off the phone and try pressing the button. it doesn’t move it will be like your just pressing on a portion of the screen. The haptic feedback only for that area was phenomenal. This is 1 less moving part of the phone.

Photo May 12, 9 13 20 PM (1)


  1. Design: If you dint like the iPhone 6 or 6S design you wont like these either. I liked those designed but with the 7, I was expect a little more of a change. Maybe a bigger screen, lesser bezels or changing the overall shape, something to know it from the predecessors without turn it around to see the camera bump.
  2. Camera Bump: With the iPhone 6S itself, I wasnt a big fan of the camera bump. Feels like apple kind of told me “You thought that was bad, here the 7 and 7Plus” I dint like that at all. I wish they made it sit flush with the back of the device, there is now, a bigger area for the phone to take an impact on.
  3. No Wireless Charging: This is one of those things I really wish Apple steps up and brings it to the iPhone because Wireless charging is just so convenient. It makes it so much more easier to lift your phone off the charging pad, when you wake up early more instead of battling with the cable. Unless you have like a 6ft cable or something like that (then you are sorted).

Photo May 12, 9 13 20 PM (3)

Now there might be one thing that the whole internet has gone crazy about in terms of “NO HEADPHONE JACK”. Honestly, this isn’t something that bothered me at all, since I have been using Bluetooth headphones on my phones for a long time now. This according to me was a welcome addition since now it will force the wireless headphones manufactures to step up their game to make higher quality wireless headphones. I am excited in this step. I use a Jaybirds X2 for workout, Plantronics voyager edge for regular calls and a Plantronics Backbeat Sense for my music needs. So I dint have an issue with this at all.

Now with the new iPhone coming up in another 4-5 months (or even later according to rumors) should you pick the iPhone 7 or the 7 Plus? If you have the iPhone 6 or 6S, I wont recommend it.  But if you have any model older than that, then go for it. But with the Samsung S8, S8+ and LG G6  all in the market for a new device; unless for the iOS software, it doesn’t make sense in picking up an iPhone 7 for the hardware. Wait it out, till the iPhone brings in a much better design and features to compete with its Android brethren, since September- October is not that far away. Hope this helps you make up your mind. Thanks for viewing! Cheers!

Photo May 12, 9 13 20 PM (2)


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