Huawei Mate 9- A small review for a BIG Phone!

It’s been a while since I put up my last tech post. But if you follow the blog, I mentioned that I keep checking on what’s android up to these days (if you haven’t read that post click here). So I went ahead and got myself a Huawei Mate 9.

Let’s get a little back story before I purchased the Chinese Tech Giant’s device. I have been battle on which android device should I be picking up. So I called up my Android Tech guru, let’s call him M&M (yup that’s to make you guys think he’s sweet). I called him and I asked him to help me decide on a phone. So for weeks we were pondering about my options. So we came to the following.

  1. S7 Edge-  But already had it, it fell cracked the display so, not doing that again.

  2. S7- This seemed like a great option, but battery was 3,000 mah which, I dint think was enough for a  battery intensive user like me.

  3. Huawei Mate 9- Cons:  EMUI (Emotion UI) which is Huawei’s skin on top of android, which is M&M hates and its not water resistant like the S7’s.

  4. LG V20- Cons: It more expensive than the rest of the other option. Reports of Camera Lens cracking by putting very little pressure and it isn’t water resistant either.

So after almost a month of discussion contemplation with M&M, trying to find a good deal for the devices. I finally found a great deal for the Huawei Mate 9, which became my choice, thanks to its huge 4000 mah battery, a very good camera set up and the great price.


Now when I saw the phone, the aesthetic of the phone did not disappoint. The familiar aluminum uni-body design that most manufactures put out was still present. But this phone was really thin. Which felt great but cramming in a 4000 mah battery into a thin phone like this made me think of Samsung’s Note 7 debacle. Its was fine since they increased the size of the phone. So this phone is wider and taller than the Note 5, but not significantly. The almost edge to edge 5.9 inch display was impressive. Even with an IPS display the viewing in directly sunlight was great too.

Over the course of 3 weeks, the phone has started to show some real character.  So let’s get to the pros of this device. The camera is great, made of 2 sensor one is a 20 MP monochrome sensor and a 12 MP color sensor. The monochrome sensor gives dept and makes the blacks and whites more prominent.  It might not be as good as S7 or iPhone 7 Plus great but still pretty darn good. Right now in the market, the best camera phone and the 5th best camera phone doesn’t have much of difference anymore. camera technology on phones, have dramatically improved in the past few years.

The fingerprint reader might have to be one of the best around. While using the iPhone 6S, I thought fingerprint technology has reached a pinnacle and it can’t get better, because it was fast and accurate. I never thought there was a lag time between the touching the finger to the phone responding to it. But the Mate 9 makes the iPhone 6S look like the little league player trying to hit home runs to a pro team pitcher.  The Mate 9 is faster and  more accurate, which according to me is incredible. You have to use it to believe. Next thing about the device I enjoy is the battery life and quick charge. The phone’s battery is plenty enough for me. This has been the second phone with quick charging I have used, but the USB Type-C with the Fast Charging blazes the charging process. I end up waking up each morning and putting my phone for charge for an hour while I do my morning routines. By the time I grab my bag, coat and reach for my phone its at 100% (feels a little like magic).

Now not everything is good in the world of the Mate 9. The biggest flaw of the system is it’s UI. Not that I hate the way the UI is done, according to other reviewers this is the best version of EMUI. I thought it was good, since I always slap on a launcher (mostly Nova Launcher) and work. But the only issue I could say I had with the phone was the way notifications were suppressed, no thanks to the battery optimization software that Huawei has added in. I am not able to get any notification on apps until I open a certain app specifically. Meaning I would go to bed with the phone screen locked, then wake up in the morning unlock my phone and no notifications, until I open an Whatsapp, Facebook messenger or Snapchat etc. each individually. This according to me is a very sad and horrible problem to have. So in the morning if I got 6 Whatsapp calls from friends or family, I wouldn’t know. Now there could be a setting I have no idea about that I need to enable or disable, to ensure this doesn’t happen. I just don’t know about it. If you own a Mate 9 and don’t have this issue or solved it, do hit me up in the comments and that would be super helpful.


Now, if this notification issue could be fixed; I would say it could be the most all rounded phone of 2016. But a smartphone not smart enough to get me my messages on time isn’t much of a “smart”phone to me. What do you think? Let me know in the comments.


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