Let’s Coffee- Why not!

You can’t buy happiness but, you can buy coffee… and thats pretty close.

When a coffee house takes their coffee seriously, you get something like “Let’s Coffee“. They wanted to make it loud and clear that if it’s coffee you’re looking for then you’ve found it right here. So, when I saw the place, I wasn’t expecting anything special from this place that other coffee places haven’t given. Well, that opinion of mine gladly changed quiet fast.

The Masterminds: Rahmah and Tareq

When you walk into the place it seems like a place you can come to relax, unwind after a long day. Now the concept of this place is like that of a bar you’d see in other countries but instead of alcohol they serve you great coffee for every mood. I loved the idea. I mean it’s quiet different from the cozy comfort coffee you drink. This is a place you get to socialize with the bartender who is fun and is interested to teach you more about the coffee you order and what could be your next coffee for the day. Well, that is exactly what they hope you experience. The first time I went there I spent some time with one of the partner’s, Tareq, our bartender for the evening.  Most of the interior and the whole of the exterior seating area was Tareq’s design. But the concept idea was that of his partner Rahmah. Together with the help of Rahmah’s sister, Salma (who designed the logo) and Clark (your friendly neighborhood coffee-man), they have made something innovative and enjoyable.

While chatting up about what I could order and what exactly I liked. I started to understand what their vision is of the place and I can tell you that their vision is innovative.They wanted a coffee place where the owners are the bartenders and the bartenders become a part of the crowd. So when you sit and sip on your brew or latte you learn a thing or two from them. While I have seen a few places open up recently I have not seen many places where the owner’s of the place serve you coffee. Or even try to understand and explain to you the preference of your coffee based what you enjoy and why you enjoy the flavors you chose. And if they make something you don’t like, they always welcome your feedback.

If a place has a great ambiance but bad coffee, then I wouldn’t call it a coffee house. I’d just call it a bad coffee house (where bad I refer to the coffee and house I refer to a place you feel at home). So how was their coffee? …. *Drumroll*…. It was GREAT!. It was truly a very well made coffee. Not saying that everything is great, but almost everything they have, has a distinct taste and I am sure you will love it, if given a shot- a Bombon  Shot to be precise. This was incredible, the flavor is on point and the taste is amazing. Now if you enjoy a Cold Brew, just ask them to get you one that has been brewing for 48 hours. I guarantee, during peak summers, this will be my go to place for the iced cold brew that I can have on any summer day.

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Now you guys remember Mr. T, I mean “Regular T” from my previous post? If you haven’t read it click here. T is a BIG fan of Spanish Latte, he loves it! When he saw that they had the Spanish Latte, he ordered that. I doubt he had a high expectation from the drink, but with the first sip, his mind was BLOWN!. And in his own words “it’s the best Spanish Latte he has had in Kuwait”. What he loves about Let’s Coffee, is the regular consistency they have in each drink they serve you. Mind you, I have been there quiet a few times already and all what I have ordered has been consistently great! This is a feat if they can keep up, can make them the best around. So if you like Spanish Latte’s you cant go wrong with both the Hot or the Cold one!

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Now since it’s the winter and if you want to have a warm cup of joe with a different twist I’d recommend the Coconut Latte that you could say is like a warm dessert you can have with each sip! They even have a Rose Latte which will be my next experiment when I am there. It looks interesting. Now a cold winter evening isn’t right, without some Hot Chocolates topped off with some toasted Marshmallows. And the reason I feel the Hot Chocolate tastes so good could be because, they use Chocolate imported from Italy. The flavor’s “Let’s Coffee” brings to the table (pun intended), might have a familiar name but the taste is truly distinct. What keeps me going to this place, wasn’t the number of cups they sell; it was about the quality of coffee you experience in each cup they sell. I loved that they have priced everything incredibly well. I think they are the best coffee place I have tried that has added value for the money you spend to the ambiance you get and the coffee you sip.

The great cups of coffee along with the idea, how they as a company want to invest, help out as many local business owners to grow their businesses along with their simple coffee bar is really a chivalrous concept. So if you are, still like me, ready to try out new places this is definitely a place I wouldn’t want you to miss out on the list of Coffee Places in Kuwait. If you are around Kuwait city or anywhere else and want to check these guys out, here they are on Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/BArATVx8qEM2. Do let me know what you think. Cheers! And thanks for reading.


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