Richards Coffee Bar

Now that I have gotten on the coffee train “the Cappuccino” starting from Snoreville and headed to HIGHTOWN!, thanks to my previous post on Arabica, I thought of trying out new places like it and as usual just checked up 248am, Mark (the blogger) mentioned many coffee places here in Kuwait. My mind was blown when I saw the number of specialty coffee places that were here. There we so many!! So much coffee and so less time.

Now knowing this back story lets get to the part of my review on Richards Coffee Bar.

I think it’s brilliant when people who love coffee take the leap and try to make their own coffee place; because its a dream of mine as well. So, when I heard about the concept of “Richards Coffee” I thought it was brilliant. Richards coffee is a concept coffee place that is around only for 90 Days (usually towards the winter). After 90 days, they close it and move to a new place. This has created a kind of hype for the place. While writing this review I think they are down to Day 52, so less than 2 months to go. As and when it opened this year I thought I should check it out  to know if it is just the “hype” or was it as good as I have read.

I decided to embark on this quest to find this mythical creature “my favorite coffee” if it does exist or not (reference could be because I just saw “The Fantastic Beast and where to find them”). I called up my coffee buddy, lets call him Mr. T or just a regular “T”; and drove over to Richards Coffee Bar. I asked them what is their strongest coffee, they recommended the Vietnamese since it had 3 shots of espresso.  They had a cold and hot one of the same, so I took the chickens way out and told them the cold one because, if it is bad then, the cold ice would water down the taste. and “T”… I mean regular “T” only orders Cold brewed coffee.

Now on the first sip we found out that the coffee is super strong, which was awesome. But thanks to our lesson from Arabica, we started stirring the heck out of this coffee. And after a good minute of stirring, the coffee became super sweet!. I was like “hmmmm…. I need to ask them to turn down the sugar next time”. So when I mentioned this was too sweet, they added an extra shot of espresso in it which took care of the sweetness. And Voila, an incredible cup of joe was made!. This just may be the best coffee I have ever tasted in Kuwait. But thanks to the 4 shots of espresso I was up through most part of that night.

The first time I went there I had spoken to the owner’s brother, he mentioned that they get green coffee beans and get it roasted the way they need. The name “Richards Coffee” came from the idea of King Richard and it was a common name, as well, so it helps in recall. I enjoyed the coffee so much, I was sad by the thought that the place wouldn’t be there after 2 month. I asked them if they had a permanent plan for the place, they said they are looking for a place to set up permanently as well. My fingers are crossed hoping we might see a permanent place soon.


Now I have gone there so many times after that its not funny anymore and  I had to write about it. I have fallen in love with their coffee. Each time I go I end up picking up the Vietnamese- HOT. And the taste has become even better than the cold one. I still feel it tastes incredible and I have been taking all my coffee addicted friends to get their fix from there since. And almost every week me and regular “T” (sounds like a name of a side kick) go there for a Vietnamese. And yes, I still order the HOT one and regular “T” still orders the cold one. If you don’t like to have a triple shot of espresso in your coffee, I recommend trying the Golden, it’s double shot only and its got a lot more milk (you could try it with triple shot as well if you prefer more coffee to milk ratio).

Now something to keep in mind is that the place doesn’t have much of seating section if you decide to take 15-20 people there. So choose your friends wisely (at least the ones you want to take to a great coffee place)I think among a few of the Coffee places I have tried and Mr. regular “T” have tried we both somehow love this place the best only for the coffee. It just that good and all the people I have brought there say the same. So if you have time do go there and check it out I promise it will be worth the visit. And if you hate the coffee not to worry they are moving after 50 odd days from there, although I highly doubt you will. Please do let me know if you guys check this place out. Next stop is “Let’s Coffee

Here is their location on Google maps:

“A good cup of coffee should never be left untasted!” 


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