Arabica- A Coffee Day Out

What goes best with a cup of coffee? “another cup” ~Henry Rollins

I just started to love coffee and I know many of you reading this might love coffee. But something, that I started recently was trying out different coffee places to see how the coffee differs from my favorite places. So a friend of mine, who is a coffee enthusiast, recommended ARABICA. I read up on it on a blog called which might be the only blog I follow. So according to Mark (the blogger from 248am) this place is great and the Spanish Latte is amazing.

So me and my buddy head out to Arabica to grab a coffee. Now since I love coffee, I had a mountainous expectation from a small coffee place like Arabica. I thought Kuwait couldn’t have a local coffee place that was good. But was I wrong!  The staff is super friendly and the coffee, the Iced Spanish Latte was great; it could be the best Iced coffee I have tried in Kuwait. What I enjoyed most is that the staff were excited to show how they do what they do which is make amazing coffee. Although the place is small it’s a great place to chill out with a friend or two but not big enough for you to spend a few hours there. I had a few people in mind I’d like to take there.

So I took a few friends of mine there. And this time I order a hot Spanish Latte. I think  with an Iced Coffee you can get away with a lot, since the cold temperature changes the flavor of the drink. So here was the test, once I ordered the Hot Spanish Latte, I sipped it and I was so disappointed with it. It was drowned in milk and I could hardly taste the coffee. And Yes! I do know the difference between a Latte and Cappuccino. But I felt it din’t have enough of coffee to be even called a Latte (which says something). Now once we finished the latte, we noticed that there was sugar at the bottom of the cup. So we should have just stirred and stirred till the flavor kicked in I guess. So then we ordered their Brewed Coffee and this time things started to look up again. The coffee was great and it had a  distinct taste. I would say it was a Medium Roast.

Photo Oct 08, 3 03 18 PM (1).jpg

Now that I have gone there a few times, I would recommend to you the Iced Spanish Latte, which is a must have. Please make sure you stir it well enough for the coffee to spread through the milk. Apart from that, their brewed coffee was good. Aside from these two, I was not happy with many other things on their list. Must be me or must be them. But as of now they are my go to place for Iced Brewed coffee.


But I must warn you in advance that they are more pricey than your regular places when you compare the amount they serve. They only serve you 2 sizes; small (which is much smaller than a small size at your closest Starbucks) and medium (which is the small size of a regular coffee houses). So a Spanish Latte – Medium is around KD 2.100/- .  If you enjoy a good Cup of Joe and you want to try some place different and interesting, this is a good to go. I feel a decent cup of coffee can make a good day great. If you’re around Sharq or Kuwait City and you want to grab a cup here’s the address: .


After seeing Arabica I am excited to see what other places can Kuwait offer. Kuwait has been booming with Slider Burger joints all over the place like Slider Station, Proper Slider, Rock House Sliders etc. and now they have started picking up steam on coffee places. So my next stop to try out a local coffee place will be Caffeine and Vol 1. 

Thanks for reading! Do let me know in the comments if the place is some place you liked. Cheers!


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