Home Sweet Home – Breakfast place Review

Food is the only  form of art that tickles all the senses; any place that does that, makes you smile and want to go there again.

Being a creature of habit, most of my Fridays have started to look quiet similar week after week. A regular Friday for me consist of a decent breakfast and a nice place I’d like to go with a friend or two. If possible have a great cup of coffee, which I tend to keep for a prolonged period of time to spice up the conversations that I am having with my buddies. Now in the past month or two the friends I go to meet want to try out different places for breakfast. And since I enjoy a good breakfast I am always up for the idea of a good new breakfast place. So, Few weeks ago we ended up at a place called “HOME SWEET HOME”.  I’ve been wanting to try this place out for a few months but never got around to doing it.

This place seems to have a different ambiance than you normally would expect from a place here in Kuwait. You want to know if its worth going to? So, lets go through my checklist that I usually have while doing a review of a place I end up going to.

Service: 7/10

The service was decent. I am giving it a 7 since we were the only guests there so couldn’t say if it would be the same if the place was packed. The staff were polite but were not sure of what was there in the menu. They just showed us the menu on a Samsung Tab and an iPad, one which had the price and the other that didn’t. So whoever was holding the iPad had to keep checking on the Samsung Tab to know the prices of the items they picked up.


Ambiance: 5-6/10

Now I couldn’t, for the life of me, understand what they were trying to portray from the ambiance. They used a  60’s Mad Men type of Kitchen setup for the whole place. But what threw me off was they had a lot of old items that people could have been using in Kuwait during the 60’s . I think they were trying to show that this was how a Kuwaiti Kitchen was in the 60’s. It was interesting but confusing. The whole feeling of the place gave a cozy atmosphere. When we came in the music playing in the background was horrendous. So like one of my friends said “it was like eating food at a funeral home”.  Since we were the only customers there we requested them to change the music and voila; it improved the setting considerably.


Food: 7/10

Now for the real deal you all have been waiting for. The food was pretty darn good. So I went there with 2 of my buddies. We ordered a Bacon Avocado Club Sandwich,  Kinder Marshmallow Pancakes and an Eggs Benedict. The food was great, maybe one of the better ones I have tried here in Kuwait.

The Club Sandwich was nice and the bacon was soft; it tasted great. I din’t think that avocado would ever go well with bacon but I was wrong; they played well together. The Kinder Marshmallow Pancakes were great as well since the the Pancakes was fluffy and soft. The Eggs Benedict, could be the only dish among the 3 that I was not impressed with. Not that it did not taste great; it was like any regular one I tried before; the flavor wasn’t different or special to this place. We couldn’t try any of their coffee’s since they said their coffee maker was damaged. So maybe next time I go there and if they do have it I will update the post.

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Check: 8/10

The price I thought was great.  After 3 of us ate we paid around KD 10/-. So that was good pricing considering the food was great as well. Since we din’t get to try their coffee, maybe next time prices might be higher, for now I think it’s quite affordable.

So if you guys are feeling hungry and don’t want to make your own breakfast head on there. Its located in the Basement floor of the Miral Mall which is after Holiday Inn in Mangaf. https://goo.gl/maps/BneCGtnxN6K2

If you visit, do let me know what you think and leave a comment if this was helpful. Thanks for reading!  Cheers!



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