Why I keep checking on Android?

My previous post on the iPhone and iOS made me wonder what about Android that always intrigues me. I tend to ditch the iPhone I use, which I know I will inevitably go back to, to pick up the new kid on the Android Block. But I have to keep using Android to satisfy the craving of google user in me. So, iOS fanboys, you have been warned that this post will be about why I love and miss Android when I am not using it.

Some of the few reason I keep picking up new Android devices:

  • The vast availability of Android devices around makes it more possible to see a ton of new designs and new features on devices. Unlike the iPhones, we see modularity in Phones like the Moto Z and LG G5 or the insane battery life on Lenovo Vibe P1m or Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 with 4000 mah and above or amazing camera quality on Samsung s7 or Huawei P9.
  • New software tweaks make an OS fun to use. Since google is a software centric system there are often new tweaks. I have always see these tweaks along with the ones the manufacturer puts in the Android devices. Whether it is in themes, customizations, stylus usage or twist for camera, shake for flashlight all makes it easier for a user to enjoy the experience.
  • Hardware features also appears frequently in newer Android devices since each manufacture releasing a new Android device is competing not only with Apple but also with others manufactures. NFC or Wireless-charging, Retina unlocking, always on display etc. were seen first in Android and some, still only in them.
  • Price is a big factor for many people, including me, so budgets can range from KWD 50- 250 (approx. $ 150-800) you can always find an Android device. Quality is completely based on you.
  • Some features are only on an Android device like using a File Manager out of the box, using a non-powered OTG cable or Flash drive.

Considering how good both Android and iOS have become there is truly no bad choice anymore. The two systems were made for different users. It is completely based on who uses the device and how extensively they use the device and what they want from the device. Some of these features I truly wish would come to iOS; but it doesn’t look like it will anytime soon. But until they do I think I will keep switching between the two. Let know what you think as well.

Thanks for reading. Cheers!


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