Why I keep coming back to the iPhone.

Hey guys, so in my last post I talked about how great the Samsung S7 Edge was. According to me, it could be one of the best phones on the market at the moment of me posting this. Well, this post isn’t about what I miss about it; as the name suggests. I wonder why I keep coming back to the iPhone each time I use an android phone.

You could say I am an average user, I use my phone for calls, texts, WhatsApp, Instagram etc. I am not a super user who needs to jailbreak his iPhone or needs to add custom ROM on his android phone. I prefer to use the phone as it comes out of the box and prefer the OTA updates as and when available.

So here are some of the reasons I always end up coming back to the iPhone or iOS in particular.

  • The ecosystem is just more vast. I know android has come a long way from where it began. During the time google was catching up to stabilizing their OS I  bought an iPad which works well with my iPhone and I got myself a Macbook Pro which again works well with both my iPhone and my iPad. So, by the time android caught up I was deeply rooted into the iOS ecosystem. Making a FaceTime call on my iPad or receiving an iMessage on my MacBook Air instead of reaching out to my iPhone was just so convenient.
  • The hardware is reliable, so that’s always a reason to come back to it over and over again and since Apple doesn’t release a lot of different hardware each year, they try to do it right the one time they do.
  • I am the kind of person who enjoys giving a refreshed look to the phone once in a while. The availability of the cases, battery packs, accessories for the iPhone are in plenty since there are few devices released by the manufacturer.
  • The OS update is regular for most devices, both the new or the old. So I could be using an iPad Mini 1 and someone could be using an iPad Mini 4 and  still have the same software.  The obvious hardware based software like Force-Touch features or Fingerprint reader etc. will not be there in the update. Now unlike most android devices that let the manufacturer send the update, iOS keeps most of their recent and some older devices updated, which makes it easier to use and explain to others who use iOS.
  • The app store still has more stable apps than android does. From what I have experienced the newer apps coming out usually are more stable in iOS than in Android.
  • The new features that make the OS an ease of use. One example is the Force-Touch feature I use on the keyboard to move the cursor around incase of a correction.
  • The Camera is one of the better cameras (not the best) out in the market so that not a miss getting back to it either.

Well one of my friends who “was” a die-hard Android boy says it best “#itjustworks”. I am sure you might disagree. If you do, let me know in the comments and keep viewing the blog for my next post would be “Why I keep getting myself a new Android Device?” Thanks for reading guys. Cheers!


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