Wounding Words and Broken Hearts

Heartache is unavoidable in our glorious lives. Although this term “heartache” has been used loosely for lovers, we tend to forget the greatest of the fallen heroes in this battle; friends, parents, family. We don’t associate a heartache with them because the pain we feel when someone like your best friend moves away to another country where you don’t know when you will see them next or a parent who feels they are losing their grip on a child they took delicate care of each day and only wish greatness for, can never be put into words.

What I have come to understand is that even through the pain of love, it creates life; it creates a reason to have loved and lost. It creates the joy of knowing that you are capable of loving someone so much that their ignorance or lack of their attention to your love makes you hate that you love them so much. Heartache is beautiful because it gives you the sight of things that love blinded you to. Heartache reveals how much truly a person has impacted you and the power of love that can not be comprehended. Pain is an inevitable, but so is love.One makes you feel weak and the latter gives you the courage to move on. “The heart wants what the heart wants”

We fight to prove a point. Now, fight with your own heart to love someone for no good reason. You might not see how much you are loved but even on a bad day, your kitty cat purrs in your arms, your dog wags his tail just knowing that you are nearby. Don’t let those wounding words dictate the person you are to be and don’t let your broken heart dictate the smile on your lips. Choose to love because “furious love” is stronger than you think and more courageous than you could ever be.

Don’t not love because loving has hurt before, but love because loving someone; gives you the courage to climb  mountains, protect someone by using your body as a shield if need be, adore someone like they were a poetry in motion, admire someone because they are all you wish to be, love because looking at that special one from the corner of your eye wishing the best for them even when they don’t know of your existence which makes you smile, so love someone because even from a distance you are that person, in secret who wishes the world for them.

But most of all love because broken hearts and hurtful words can soon be forgotten but the heart that can find love in any situation will always love no matter the situation.

Love anyway! Cheers! Thanks for reading!


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