Plantronics Backbeat Pro- Review 

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Wireless headsets are the future, no doubts to that. I have been lucky to have jumped on the train headed there a few years ago. I started this journey when I picked up my first Plantronics Voyager Legend, something that changed what I needed from a mono-ear Bluetooth earphone for work. I had used quite a few Bluetooth earphones but most of them were Mono-ear Bluetooth earphones for work or driving. I understood early on that “Plantronics” has been one of the best-kept secrets of the Bluetooth industry.

All images are copyrighted to their respective owners. No copyright infringement intended

Plantronics may have made some really bad Bluetooth headphones but I have been lucky or unlucky to have used only one that I consider quite bad “the backbeat go” (the first iteration of the backbeat line up). And since then I have brought the Plantronics Marque 155, Voyager Edge (my daily driver) and the BACKBEAT PRO (Stereo Headsets). So this post is about my take on that exceptional piece of engineering: The BACKBEAT PRO.

All images are copyrighted to their respective owners. No copyright infringement intended.
The Backbeat Pro is the answer you give when someone thinks that a good Bluetooth headset is going to cost you an arm and a leg.Till I started using the Backbeat Pro, I thought that a good or great Bluetooth headsets had to either be expensive with great build quality and features or cheap with a bad build quality and only basic features on Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity etc. Backbeat pro is the best of two worlds, not that expensive but great on features. Now setting this baby up was a charm if you have NFC on your phone. Tap it and Voila… you are in business! If not, holding the HUGE phone button for a few secs before it prompts you “Pairing” wasn’t a big deal either. The headphones have memory foam on the earcups to give you a comfortable feel for wearing it for a prolonged period of time. What I loved about these was that the headset knew if you were wearing it or not. So if you removed the headset while your music is playing, the music would stop. Searching for your phone or iPod or stretching across the bed to pause the movie on your laptop screen or even if you are too lazy to remove the headset and someone is talking to you; just press the mute button while you are listening to your music which drowns the music to the background and uses the mics to amplify the ambient noise so you don’t need to take your headset off to hear them. This was especially convenient while traveling and you need to give your passport, boarding pass etc at check-in counters or in the aircraft while you got your hands full. The only time I removed my headsets was at the security check. So going through an airport was a breeze.


Now, with all these fun features if the battery sucked, the headphones are useless. Good thing that Plantronics have you covered on that front as well. This beast gives you a good 24 hours of battery life. From the amount I have used these at home, I ended up charging this once in 2-3 weeks. And for you Audiophiles out there, the sound quality is going to be something that you might enjoy. Now for the price tag, it gives a don’t expect Bose or Sennheiser sound quality. But for an average user who enjoys his music adequately this would be plenty great. With the ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) this baby boy really stacks up quite well with the big boys I feel. Sometimes, I just wear the headphones switching on the ANC and relaxing. It doesn’t have the bass thump that BEATS provides or the crisp clarity of the lead guitar that the BOSE QC series provides, but I never thought of the two while listening to Hip Hop or Classic Rock (my favorite genres). So if you are in the market looking for a great Bluetooth headphones this baby is an option you don’t want to ignore. So while you go and check up more on these headphone I am just going to slip them on and drown the noises around me. Cheers! Thanks for reading!


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