An Eternity to live for..

The concept of immortality has always been a fascinating concept that has been touched and tickled in our minds through God, angels, demons, vampires etc. people have used it over and over again. Don’t worry, this is not a review of the story of the shiny vampire (twilight series).

I wondered how it would have been going through different times in our history. What it would have been like living during the ages of the Egyptians, the Romans, the British; all almost conquering the world and the world coming back into its equilibrium when each fall from power. What and all could have been learned living through these times and the secrets that were lost in time like natural medicines that enable people to live for however long, how fashion was revived and not created, how boys learnt to become gentlemen, how gentlemen became boys or even recipes to grandma’s special pot roast (well this one I haven’t thought about) where did it all begin? 

This made me think of all the statements which emphasize on life being so short live it soon or else you might lose it sooner.



What if we were meant to live forever? Could you not be everything you wanted to be? Are you an accountant wishing you were a Doctor? Or are you a doctor wishing you were a Pilot? Well if time was not a problem and you were meant to live forever, why not become that Doctor or that Pilot you always wanted to be? Maybe next you could take up designing or become a reporter while you are designing your favorite dress to wear to the black-tie event. Yes… Yes we might not survive this long and all, we do fall sick and all that jazz but what if we never thought of life as a fading away event awaiting its completion.

If we think we have the rest of our lives to be greater, imagine living your immortal life being mediocre. So why not use the rest of your life being greater. Be what you want to be, be who you want to be. Don’t live it for someone else or don’t live someone else’s life as your own, because you’re going to live like that every day for the rest your immortal life.

Most of the tiimes we see extraordinary people do things that are usually an acquired skill that they would have worked on for years and years. Want to be that insane guitarist or that tight drummer? Start now, Start small and you will see that an interest becomes a habit that turns into a passion and that desire to be better makes you extraordinary one day. Be the one that discovers a cure for cancer. Be the first one to do something or invent something that no one every thought about.

What can stop us from becoming an unstoppable force that we grow to become greater each day if you have all the time to perfect who you are? 

Thanks for Reading! Cheers!!



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