Given a Second Chance…

Sometimes a second chance can be better than the first because this time you know what not to do.

A second chance, an unfortunate but a beautiful thing that if we are lucky to get it at all and if we are luckier we get to change what we did or could have done. It’s not often we get it from someone we really wish would let us make things right. But unlike people, life always and I mean ALWAYS gives you a second chance. Now, both times its up to you to make the most of it. This post isn’t about the second chances you have got but for the ones you choose not to give others. So let’s think about it (I mean I thought about it so you can just read about it and tell me what you think in the comments :P).

Remember that bully in school that bullied your ass through your childhood? Don’t remember him/ her? That’s ok, it could be because that bully was YOU! Now, the time has passed and yes you still hate the bully or you still think that the fella you picked on is still a dork. Remember that friend who sat with you and told you everything about everyone and one day you just stopped talking because you accidently said something you shouldn’t have, that came under the Friend-Friend Confidentiality Agreement. You would never think to give that person a second chance either. Do you know why you think that? That’s because you won’t or can’t give him/her that second chance to become your acquaintance or even one of your friends because you are scared to get hurt again. Yup, it’s fear again.

I am a strong believer in second chances because I know I am stronger than the fear that holds me down. I was lucky to get second chances myself and I am glad to give as many to people who have screwed me over. Now, don’t think of me as an idiot (at least not just yet)  Yes, the saying does go “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on you, fool me thrice shame on me”. I agree to this, but then we should also know that “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”. So try to let bygones be bygones. No, it’s not easy; if it was; everyone would be doing it. It’s in times like this you know what exactly you are made of either glass or steel

Giving a second chance can be something that people find really difficult to do because a lot goes into giving it. It like a mirror once broken although, the images shown from the shattered pieces are still accurate, you wouldn’t hang up a broken mirror on your dresser. Trust, love, and respect are always earned and once lost; gluing them back together is too much of a pain than we care to take to do it. Walking away I feel is always easier than standing up and still seeing past the betrayal, hate, and hurt to notice the shimmers of trust, love and respect we have felt in the past from them. Second chances make me reminisce about what could have gone wrong and if I too am responsible for this? Once you know what has happened, move past it and give a person a chance to redeem themselves.

Now, to those who have gotten the second chance, don’t mess it up again this time. Someone has risked so much in giving you that second chance. Honor that person for that. Sometimes it is so easy to just let go of people and move on. But that’s not what happened with you, they took the plunge and gave you a second chance. If you are a complete a-hole, you will mess it up again inevitably (but even you will get a chance of redemption). But if what happened last time  was something that was unavoidable and a big mistake you regret, prove it this time around.

With second chances, you can make hurt that lasts a lifetime or memories that last an eternity. So make those chances count and when you give them to the people who you feel are undeserving, believe that there is more good in the world than bad. Because broken glasses and thorns hurt more that beautiful images and roses. So pick up that phone and let them know that they got a Second Chance. Not because they might deserve it but because you are better than this.

Thanks for reading! Cheers!



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