Bird with brains – Jaybirds X2 review

Don’t you love listening to the Birds chirping in the air, the wind rushing through your hair while you take a long stroll? The excitement hearing others whoosh past you on their cycles or the pounding of their feet on the floor as it crushes the sand beneath. Don’t you love that feeling? Well, I DON’T.

So I decided, what better way to enjoy a workout or a run than with great soul thumping music in your ear. And since I love a “Wireless-World” I got my first Jaybird product the Jaybird Bluebud X. If you want to know what I felt about that, click here for the review on that.


Now getting to the review on its successor the Jaybirds X2 and my thoughts on these headphones. Just like its predecessor, this doesn’t fail to impress. The long battery life and the great build quality helps this to stay on top of the wireless workout earphones list. There hasn’t been a lot of change in the sound quality, not that the previous model had bad quality; this stays the same I felt. But one thing that has changed is the wing tips, they have changed it to improve the fit inside your ears. I feel they are the best fitting earphones in the market. No matter how hard the workout or run is, this doesn’t come off unless you remove it on your own. So if you want a headset that you don’t have to keep fiddling with while you do your bench press or your run, Jaybirds are the way to go. There are other options like the Plantronics Fit, which are considerably cheaper but also considerably lesser in sound quality.


What’s nice and enjoyable about these earphones is that it’s got a nice way to wrap around your ear or can lie on your neck and its sweat-proof; well that is what they claim, but I am still skeptical in this aspect of it, since my previous one just died on me without a warning like the gradual decrease in battery life or regular breaking on music while connected etc. So why did I still pick up another Jaybird. Well, that is only because my experience with the Jaybirds Bluebud X was wonderful while it lasted. Sniff! Sniff!


Now the new Jaybird X3 has been announced in CES 2016 this month. Based on what is being promised, the new SignalPlus antenna will improve uninterrupted music flow outdoors. If you ask me that is what was said with the X2 and truth be told I haven’t had an issue with it outdoors. They are mentions about a custom app for the earphones to set your low’s, mid’s and high’s based on what you like to listen and once set it will be updated on the earphone and not on the app so you can switch devices with the desired presets already in your earphone. I hope this comes to the X2 anyways with an update. Unless the earphones are tested in the real world condition nothing can be certain. So let’s see how far can the JayBird fly (pun intended). For now, the X2 will be  the cheaper and almost the same experience as the X3 from what I can tell. We will have to wait and see.  Anyways, thanks for Viewing and hope this helped. Cheers!


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