My Thanksgiving – Little Ruby’s review

It’s December and Christmas is almost here :D. But before we get to what I am going to be doing for Christmas let me tell you how my Thanksgiving went. Not that you asked, but just thought of sharing my experience anyway.

Now, Thanksgiving is the beginning of the Holiday season around the world, but in Kuwait it is pretty must the same as the regular days. But this year, I wanted to do something different. I wanted to eat turkey….YES, I have eaten turkey before. And YES, eating turkey on Thanksgiving is so clichè. And NO, I don’t mind it being clichè. So I check online and saw a post on on where we could have a Thanksgiving meal and voilà, I called up Little Ruby’s and booked a lunch for two.


So we got there, and the place was pretty empty which got me thinking if this was a good call, but decided not to judge a book by its cover and we got a seat into a cozy corner.

I loved the ambience; it was cozy and comfortable. The servers were extremely friendly, and the girl who was serving at our table was a little bit confused; mixing up the menus since the menu for Thanksgiving was not a part of their regular menu. I assume we showed up when she just started her shift, but it was kind of funny the way she was trying to handle the situation hoping we won’t get mad at her. After the little speed bump, everything went smoothly.



Since we were adamant that we wanted some Thanksgiving food, we got exactly what we asked.

So we got: Turkey Porchetta, Sweet Potato Mash (with Gelatin Marshmallows), Garlic Mashed Potato’s and the Sautéed Green beans. The portions were small but just enough for the two of us. The meal ended on a good note with the entry of the Pumpkin Pudding crowned with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzled with spiced caramel apple sauce.


The total bill came up to around KD 15/- for two people.The whole meal was a very pleasant experience, not something I would rave about, but it was enjoyable. I assume their regular menu is much better than what I may have experienced due to the reviews I have read online.

Maybe, next time. I would say if you want to try a new place this is a good place to go. IF you guys want to check them out here’s them on the map:

Cheers! Thanks for Viewing


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