Cocoa Room – An experience to experience!

So let me tell you a story, once upon a time early in the morning I was hungry. Nope. Most of the time early in the morning I am hungry. So I packed my bags and got dressed in my Sunday best on a Saturday morning and decided to go to a place that my friends have been raving about. The Cocoa Room. So here’s a place I think could be the best breakfast place I have tried in Kuwait.

When I go to some place new to Dine-in or just to spend time, I usually have a checklist that makes the place worth going back to or not. So based on that let me split this review for you.

BBQ Brisket
BBQ Brisket
Homemade Beef Sausages
Homemade Beef Sausages

Service: CHECK

If service is bad, I am not coming back PERIOD! So, it was nice that I enjoyed the way the staff treated me as a new customer, but it’s worth mentioning the way they treated me when I started going there more often. They remembered me when I came and asked me if the friend I came with last time would be joining me this time too. They recommended food that were great, the better and the good (or the good, the bad and the ok) I could order.

Roast Beef Eggs Benedict
Roast Beef Eggs Benedict

Ambiance: CHECK

The dark wood finish of the tables and everything around makes the place feel like a cozy place to have an excellent breakfast, and it makes you want to look for the number of that lovely girl you asked last week and show her a great time here. So… Gentlemen, You’re Welcome!


If I were to lie about the food there, I would say it SUCKS!! But being the nice fella you don’t know me to be, I will tell you the truth. The food is GREAT! I LOVED IT!. So when you go there make sure you order the Salted Caramel Cappuccino to fill the coffee side of the brain. And the Roast Beef Benedict can’t be wrong, along with the BBQ Brisket was nothing short of being anything but spectacular. If this is too much of meat for you, pick the Scrambled Egg Money Bag, it gives you great texture and flavor to remember this experience.

Now if you are the kind of person who enjoys pancakes, then look no further than the Red Velvet Pancakes. But if you are also looking at a place that you can get gluten free breakfast, they have a few pancakes on their menu too.

Nutella French Toast
Nutella French Toast

Check: CHECK!

It was reasonable and well priced. Considering the experience I got from here, I would say that they are much better than most places. The bill for a very filling breakfast for two people came to around KD 10/-.

So if you ask me, I think they are awesome, and since I have been there, I have recommended this place to a ton of people that I know. So Cheers!! to the guys at Cocoa Room, you guys made this hungry man a happy, hungry man now!

So if you got time, do go and check them out, they are located opp. to the Al Seef Palace on the Gulf Road next to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Here you go:

Do tell me what do you think. Cheers! Thanks for viewing.

Scrambled Egg Money Bag
Scrambled Egg Money Bag

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