Destiny- Chosen or Predetermined?

All images are copyrighted to their respective owners. No copyright infringement intended
All images are copyrighted to their respective owners. No copyright infringement intended

Are we the sum of the incidences and experiences we go or have been through? Does it determine our destiny or do we have a choice in the incidences and experiences we choose to have? I understand when we say “it’s destiny” and that “it was meant to be.” I know these are words we use to overcome a bad situation or hope to overcome an incident that is occurring in our lives. But, the only thing that bothers me is that if anything is meant to be, and things are destined to be a certain way; then why do we make choices or why do choices exist? If things are meant to be a certain way why do we hate someone who made the “wrong” choice, shouldn’t that be a part of destiny as well?

Does this mean that every decision you take has to be the right one? Nope. Does it mean that no choice(s) can be the one that defines you? For me I “choose” not to accept this. The “choice” you make today has consequences you are meant to face. Now other choices you make could have made would change the current outcome of the results you would have deserved earlier. Let me elaborate, assume that you stole a diamond from a jewelry shop (nope, this isn’t Oceans Eleven). Now you “chose” to steal. The consequence of this is fine, incarceration, etc. based on what and how expensive the diamond was. But if you decide to go back to the jeweler and tell him “I am sorry I stole this, and here you go, you can have it back.” It’s not like they are not going to turn you in, but the sentence could be lesser than if you got caught with it.

What I meant by the illustration was that particular choices we make knowingly or unknowingly can result in consequences but the “choice” is always yours to change the outcome. We see many great stories of people from rags to riches, from being abused to saving the abused, from being trafficked to stopping trafficking. So it’s up to us to choose who we are and the outcome of each choice we make. Sometime’s when life deals you a bad hand. You can choose to fold or go all in. Both have different results.

I chose to believe that my life is in my hands and with every mistake made, a step in the right direction might not atone for the errors of my ways, but it make the world a better place to live. Life is beautiful, try to see the rainbow and know that the rain has passed. No matter what people say, you chose to be the greatness you will become. Cheers! Thanks for viewing.

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.- William Shakespeare


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