BYE BYE BIRDY! – My Jaybird Bluebuds X experience!

All images are copyrighted to their respective owners. No copyright infringement intended
All images are copyrighted to their respective owners. No copyright infringement intended

Remember the first cell phone you ever got? The way you could not wait to get it out of the box and follow the instructions to put it for charging for the exact amount of time it was given in the manual. Remember that phone? remember that box? Well, this post has got nothing to do with any of that. This post is my attempt to tell you my experience with my JAYBIRD (Nope! not my pet bird), my running Bluetooth earphones.

Yea now when it comes to Bluetooth technology, I love it. It truly makes me see the future of our world, without wires that get in the way of our daily activity. The annoying wired earphones that does not allow you to truly get angry at the driver who cut you off on the road or to jump in the happiness of a great news you heard saying that “you got the job”. With wireless technology, everything seems so carefree and relaxed. So coming back to why I got my Jaybird Bluebuds X. So it began when I started working out in the gym and wanted something that doesn’t interrupt me while putting or pulling the weights on or off the barbells, while trying to balance my phone because I forgot to wear the shorts with the pocket today or while doing cardio worry when you jump off the treadmill because you can’t run anymore and the phone connected to your wired headset flies along with you to that corner of the gym where all the ellipticals, treadmills, and cross trainers meet and it becomes a workout to get it out of that small space.


So I go and finally go order my Jaybird Bluebuds X! After 14-16 days patiently waiting to get it, it arrives at my doorstep and I can’t wait to try them on and start using them. Now I have heard a lot of great reviews on it so wanted to see if it lived up to the hype. So after the first charge I started using them almost 1 hour every day. To my surprise after 1 week of using the headphones, I hear a beep in my ears while wearing them saying “BATTERY LOW”, it gave a good hour before it beeped again saying “POWER OFF”. This thing gave me more than 7 HOURS of BATTERY LIFE! Now to the Bluetooth virgins out there, anything that small which can give 8 hours of battery is freaking awesome. Plus this was claimed to be sweat proof (this is debatable).

It was lightweight, sweat proof, had great sound quality (according to me) and gave 8 hours of battery life, what more could I ask for. Well me? I’d ask for the star in the package but being the realist that I think I am, I just wanted it to fit well. And what do you know? Jaybirds have these special wings, which is you can attach to the earpiece of the Bluebuds X, that gives you a secure fit. The earphone worked perfectly with both Android and iOS.  Since it came with a Mic, it was great to talk to people in case I got a call on my way back from the gym or my run, to prevent me sweating all over my phone (which I hate!). Now, a stereo earphones wouldn’t be a good one if the music quality sucked. I am not an audiophile like many out there, but I prefer a balanced sound with a little more bass than the rest. So for me, I really loved the sound quality it offered. I have used it on a rainy and sunny day. When in the gym I used to throw my phone in my gym bag  on one side of the gym and get to working out on the other side without losing connection or dropping of the music. Charging it didn’t take long either, plug it in for 2 hours and I get a workout filled week of battery life. So that was a good bargain.

After all the sunshine and rainbows that I have gone through with the Bluebuds X, let’s get to CONS of it. I started using it with an old iPod touch (2nd Gen) for my runs. While running, the earphone used to lose connections and when I stop it comes back. But that started to get annoying because I go from the pump of “Eye of the Tiger” to dead silence. After a year into using the earphones, the ear tip used to start getting loose in my ear during an intense workout and I start sweating around my ears. Although it never fell off, it felt like it would which is equally annoying.

Through the ups and down of our relationship, I can confidently say “I loved it!”. Yes, I am using the word “loved” because they died on me last week, 2 years after I bought it. Sigh! But paying KD 70/- for something that I used, abused, reused and still survived till it couldn’t handle me anymore. Nevertheless, I am planning to pick up the new Jaybird X2 because I miss the wireless experience that it provided. From the reviews, there hasn’t been much of change but with improved quality of materials used. Let’s see how that turns out. Talk to you guys in 2 years after I get it. 😛

Thanks for viewing! Cheers!


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