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Why do I fight? Easy question with a million answers!

Why do we fight to survive each day? Why do we do the things we do to make today better than yesterday? Why do we make choices that will change who we are in the long run or the short one? Well if you ask me all I can say is what is it that I do I want to be known by?. Is it by the MEDIOCRE man who lived and went on or a LEGACY to be left by.

Now, I have been reading this book “How to Think like Steve Jobs”. The book fascinated me because as I started reading I understood that he wasn’t the most popular guy among the people who knew him. Some hated him and some even more despised him but one thing they couldn’t do was IGNORE him. Because he dint just live to be someone and move on. He lived so he could make a DENT in the Universe. Now, that’s a Legacy!

So it got me thinking WHY do “I” fight?. And in my mind all I could think was that I want to have a legacy that will never be forgotten. So why am I blogging about this, is because I want to tell you that right now your situation might be bad and the light at the end of the tunnel looks like its turned off or that mountain looks too massive to conquer. But PUSH THROUGH this pain and when the lights are back on you will be at the end of the tunnel or on top of that mountain. Be better, be greater and you will be amazed at what the small changes makes bigger dents in your own world.  Yup its true, sometimes you being the only one opening the door for a lady or pulling a chair for your sister or even holding on to the trash till you find a place to throw it might be something you think isn’t going to make a big difference to anyone but the truth is that; sometimes people see more when spoken less to (actions are louder than words). Don’t worry that your small donations don’t go to the needy children but don’t stop giving. It will reach there eventually. Don’t stop being a gentleman just because friends make fun of you, there will be others that you inspire.

So why do you fight? We fight so tomorrow is a brighter, better day for us to live and love by. BE BETTER, BE GREATER and FIGHT ON!!

Cheers!! Thanks for Viewing!


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